Friday, April 29, 2011

Clothes Rotation

It seems to be that time of the year.  Our weather is still raining and cold, but yesterday it did warm up a bit and the kids wanted to wear shorts after school.  So it's time to pull out the spring/summer bins and play live out of them till the weather officially stays warm! 

Over my medical leave, I did purchase some extra bins as the kids clothes do not fit in one tote anymore.  Now we have four totes that I switch out our seasonal clothes.  It makes it easy for the kids to just go into their tote and grab whatever they need and not have to dig through the others stuff.

I left the totes on the landing leading up to the attic.  Not because it worked for us, but because my storage room is destroyed and there is no way I could get them in!!  However, right now with the weather being fickle, it is a good solution.  It does me no good to move all their clothes right now.  I like to wait till right before school is over so that I can sort through outgrown and worn out uniforms- (usually the last day of school so Paige doesn't see).  This way I am not storing any uniforms that I could give away or donate.  Plus it lets me see what they will need for the next school year.

This doesn't always work to my advantage tho.  I have already pulled some of Paige's shorts out for her to wear to softball practice and she must have had a growth spurt because they are 70's tight on her!  I need to pull them down and go through them.  I think there are some size 8's that got stored away by accident.  Most of what I bought her for the cruise were size 10/12's and had a little extra room in them.

Jeffrey Michael definitely outgrew a lot of his summer shorts.  They were actually getting rather small on him in the fall.  Luckily, I get some hand me downs from my girlfriend.  Hopefully some of the shorts he was given will fit him to get him through the end of school. 

The only problem that I do have with my system is getting a system together for storing the outgrown clothes till it's time to sell on ebay or send to the consignment store.  I'm ok if the outgrown clothes are in the current season as I can just sell on ebay or bring to the store.  I should get a separate tote for outgrown things. 

My husband and I don't switch out a lot of clothes.  Mostly we just switch shorts and jeans and have another tote for sweatshirts and sweaters.  For us it's a matter of going through our clothes to see what is just worn out or something we bought and just never liked.  Jeff does have a lot of t-shirts but he did go through those not that long ago.

Maybe Sunday will be a good day to clean out closets and go through the totes.  I think a spring shopping trip is in the future!!

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Martianne said...

I really need to do clothes rotation and get back to using my own paper brains for it -