Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More office work

Since posting my accomplishment on organizing my maintanence manuals, I realized there was only one hot spot left on the right side of my office.  My filing cabinet.  I had cleaned out my files last year, but over the holidays I seemed to just be content to pile papers on top of it.  Sad I know.

While I would like to replace this filing cabinet with something a little nicer, I haven't found one yet that was in my budget and I liked.  Truthfully, I haven't been looking very hard.  It's not high on my list of wants as it is functional just not as neat as the portable hanging file holder that I sit on top of it. 

The portable file holder used to be for my Girl Scout information and worksheets.  Since I stopped being the leader, I've re-purposed it to hold files that I use on a more regular basis.  I do need to go through those files and edit out a lot of them as I switched all my medical EOB's, bank statements, and investments to paperless.  I love going paperless. 

The top drawer holds Jeff's Cross Country team paperwork and his administration papers for work. The bottom drawer holds paperwork/receipts for our rental homes.  Since there isn't much in each drawer I have thought about just getting a few nice portable file holders.  I do have space in the closet to hold them and it would free up some floor space in an already small room.  Something to think about.....

Buried underneath all those papers is my postage scale.  A couple weeks ago I posted some things on Ebay and everytime I went to use it, that pile of papers would tumble to the floor.  The last time it fell, I just left it there on the floor and began to separate the pile into categories and then filed them away.  It only took about 30-45 minutes.  I even found papers that were meant to be shredded.

Now I can easily use my postage scale-

I even cleared out some room in the top drawer.  It now shuts all the way!

Now my filing cabinet is nice and neat and fits in well with the bookshelves.  It really looks so nice.

Only found one set of papers that Jeff and I need to work on.  I left it poking out the top so that I don't forget.

I debated on moving the scale to another location and placing a basket there to hold papers that needed to be filed.  But that seems silly to pile it when the folders are right there.  It doesn't take all that long to file them away and hopefully I will just get in the habit.  I only get a few papers a month that need to be filed away so it's only my laziness that's causing a problem.

Now that I've tackled that side of the office, I really need to organize the other side.   


iheartorganizing said...

Wow! Great job! Must feel great!

Thanks so much for linking up and sharing this week!


Allison said...

great job! that looks so good!