Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Basket Case

It seems as though our house guest may have found new housing.  So far it's been nice and clean!

The next project on my 52 weeks list, was the basket on top of my microwave.  I don't have many drawers in my kitchen, so I can't waste any for junk.  But as we all know, junk has a way of creeping in anyway!

That's what happens with this basket.  I bought it to hold the garage door openers. Our garage sits way in the back of our property and the previous owners did not put a switch in the house.  We have four remotes.  Overkill in my opinion.  Corralling them in a basket was my answer.  Except other things kept ending up in that basket.

Doesn't look too bad

When you enter my home from the back door, it's one of the first things you see.  It's not horrible, just messy and annoying to me.

It looks much worse from this angle!

I emptied everything out on the table and grouped items in piles.  Most of what was in that basket were items that belong in the garage like golf tees and balls.  My husband has a habit of not emptying his pockets after golfing until he comes in the house.  Of course he doesn't empty them in the same spot.  So I try to round them up to be brought back out to his golf bag.  But I do miss some items and when I find them in the winter, I have to admit, I'm the lazy one and do not want to go out to the garage in the snow!

I can't blame it all on Jeff as there were some items that belonged in the basement and the kids rooms.

Some items were just things I stuffed there out of the kids eyesight until I could put them in the donation box (will be posting on that soon).  But when you don't see them yourselves, you forget about them!

It only took a few minutes to separate all the items and put them away.  Now my basket is empty except for the remotes and a black cylinder. 

One remote sits out so my son can reach it!

Much better sight to come home to.

I'm not sure why I kept that black cylinder.  I've already gotten rid of it! 

Looks so much better.  I hope that I can't stop the dumping ground that it usually becomes!


Jenna said...

Great job using a basket to corral items! I know what you mean about having it becoming a dumping ground, though. It's always the upkeep that is the hardest, in my opinion.

Mary said...

I have a basket near my back door and it has been a lifesaver. I just try to empty it once a week or so.