Thursday, April 7, 2011

Keeping up with blog challenges

Well, we all know how my Bible in 90 Days Challenge turned out.  I am definitely going to try this again.

I read so many blogs.  I love them.  When I first started going on the internet in the early 90's, forums were the big link to connecting to other people interested in the same topic.  I would spend hours late at night (cause that's the only time my dial-up would stay connected!) reading and talking to other people.  It was so fun.

Then blogging became easy with the development of free sites.  This is even better than the forums!  Though it may be too much of a good thing for me.  I love reading blogs and learning about other people.  It's my form of people watching.  Did you ever do that?  Just sit somewhere and watch people go by and make up stories about them and their lives.  I used to do that so much when I was in college. 

Anyway, now I don't have to make up lives for other people as blogs give me a little peak into their worlds.  But the problem is that I love to organize - I am putting together a post about all the books I have on organizing.  You may have noticed some of them from my office pictures.  Therefore, most of the blogs that I read are about organizing.  And with that come all the cleaning and organizing challenges.  Of course I want to participate in them all!! 

Which leads me remember that last month I wanted to work on simplifying.  Not just my house but how I am living my life.  So I am sticking with 52 weeks, Toni's challenges, and Jen's challenges.  There are so many other fun ones out there that I want to do but it's getting to be too much trying to follow as each challenge may be asking to work on a completely different area of my house.   See I am doing better.  The first step to change is to realize there is a problem, right?  Now where is that damn bill organizer??

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