Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bible in 90 Days

Total failure.  I got to Psalms 14(?) and stopped.  Didn't even try.  Thought about it, but didn't.  Have major Catholic guilt about it.  

I'm gonna try again.  I can't be a Bible Drop Out!!


Jacqueline said...

Don't beat yourself up with guilt. It accomplishes nothing. Instead just keep reading where you left off and don't stop until you're done no matter how long it takes you. You might find that with no pressure to read so much per day you might get more done than you think, but you must make reading a priority sometimes during every day. I'm sorry I wasn't a better encourager during the challenge. I was struggling myself and didn't know how to encourage others while I was struggling.

Bobbey said...

Just keep on reading Rochelle! I'm only in the early part of Isaiah but I'm not going to stop until I finish, no matter how long it takes me.