Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Weather

The past week has been busy getting ready for Easter- I have a ton of pictures to post and stories to share!
Unfortunately the weather has not been the best.  It seems as though the Weather Channel keeps showing the same weather map every day- rain and high winds!  Oh to see some sunny warm weather! 

I am waiting to see Noah and the Ark float by my window any moment.  Hope you are experiencing a nice sunny spring.  If you are - please send it our way! 

Off to work, hope to post some fun Easter pictures tonight!


Live Simply- Live Well said...

can you send that down our way.
we are drought central.

Rochelle said...

Will be glad to oblige. Isn't it crazy how one area of the country is on constant flood alert and others are burning? Can't we just share? Spread the wealth!