Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bathroom Literature

I don't know about you, but when I use the bathroom, I like to get in and get out.  I'm not one to spend a lot of time, well, you know.   My husband on the other hand can spend a lot of time "reading".  So much time that if it weren't for our lone toilet in the basement, we'd all be in trouble.

Because of his habit of reading in the bathroom, I had purchased a nice green container to hold all his magazines and books.  Seemed like a good idea.  But we know how it goes in my house with baskets and containers!  They just become dumping grounds for everything.  This became true in the bathroom.  Magazines and books just got dumped and all jumbled.  Which left to many of the covers being ripped and bent.  Not very good for books!

This is the view from the throne-

Nice view from the throne

This view is a better shot of the mess.

Jeff's subscription to Runner's Magazine ran out and he wasn't interested in renewing it.  Most of the issues are from last summer/fall.  The only book he is currently reading is the one on top 1984 which he brought home from school.  The others have just been sitting around from months.  Jeff's dad reads a lot and then gives them to Jeff.  He reads many, but others just take up space. 

Since this has just become a wasteland of old magazines and books, I decided to remove it from the bathroom.  Normally my wastebasket sits right in front of it but I had it downstairs soaking. 

Now that the larger container is removed, the wastebasket looks kind of lonely.  But I like it better.  It makes more room in that little area.

I like the view better from the throne now. Although now I am really anxious to paint the vanity.  Actually, I am ready to gut the whole bathroom, but I'm not sure Jeff is all that ambitious!


Jennie said...

We get Runner World at our house too and my husband hogs them up and I don't even get to read them until they are two months old. We did two 5K's last summer and are training for another one.

Iris said...

What is it with the men folk and "reading" while they do what they doo? I'm with you, sister... keep it simple in there.

FYI, maybe sneak some Miralax in his juice and he'll be in and out of the can in a flash; no need for reading material. ;)

Rochelle said...

Iris--hmmm.... sounds like a good one!

Jennie- That is awesome! I think about running- my husband and kids run 5ks every year--but I have no will power.