Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Extreme Couponing II

5 Extreme Coupon Tips for Novice Couponers

Well leave it to TLC to turn Extreme Couponing into a series.  I guess it's better than all the little people and extremely large family reality shows they were bombarding us with.  It really is cool to see how much these families are saving.  But I still wouldn't want to store all that stuff.  To me it's wasting.

I used to really work at couponing in my 20's, though it was a whole different way of couponing.  I have revisited couponing recently just because I do like to save money.  Stockpiling to the point that you are storing things in your children's closets is just bizarre.  I like to donate to our church's food pantry and so some times if there is a good sale, I will buy to bring to the church.  Our family does not need 50 cans of corn, but the food pantry does.  It's almost greedy in a way.  Why do you need 35 bottles of antacids?  CA-R-AZY!
Plus all the time spent sorting, clipping, and shopping.  The one couple spent 5 hours in the store.  18 transactions!  Not worth my time.

Maybe I'm wrong to think this way.  My family is really blessed with so much from God.  So I try to pass it on.   Share the wealth.  Spend more time with my family.  Save money and not be wasteful.  Just don't go to extremes.

Uhh...spoke to soon.  New episode of Kate Plus 8 is next week.  I knew TLC would go back to their bread and butter!!

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Megan said...

Hahaha, We don't have cable.. But I used to LOVE all those big family shows :) That's kinda cool that they put a couponing show on now.. :)

I Totally Agree with you on how it's kinda greedy in a way! I mean stock up to a point then share it!?
I haven't really been able to figure it out with coupons yet..In the past few months we have tried to stop eating so many processed foods, And that's all most the coupons we get are for.. :(
But when I can get a good deal I usually just get one of what ever it is lol.
Be blessed!