Sunday, May 1, 2011

31 Days to Clean

I joined this challenge- because I'm not doing enough challenges right?  Today is suppose to be the first day, but they way they are setting it up, we will only be doing challenges/reading Mon through Friday.  Good thing because I haven't ordered the book yet.  My main computer is acting crazy.  I'm afraid to download my pictures (hence the photo less posts and lack of posts altogether the past few days) and I'm worried that the ebook will not down load.  If it doesn't I will try at work...sorry No 1 insurance company!

Today is also Divine Mercy and Pope John Paul II Beatification.  I fell in love with Saint Faustina when she was still in the process of being Beatified.  Our local churches have just recently begun celebrating Divine Mercy.  It's so fitting that Pope John Paul is being Beatified on this day as he was Pope when she became Beatified.  (Not sure if I said that right..).  It's a wonderful day indeed as our church (and others in the city) are also having First Holy Communion.  My cousin's little one received hers today. 

I woke up sick today and stayed home.  Last thing I wanted to do was be around a lot of family members with my aches and chills. I am feeling better now since sleeping all day and should get some laundry done for the kids.

If anyone has stopped over from the 31 Days to Clean challenge and would like to be accountability partners, leave me a comment.  I find that I am motivated and more successful when I have a partner.  Well, we won't count my Bible Challenge, okay?

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