Tuesday, May 24, 2011

There really is a sun

We were blessed Saturday and Sunday with sunshine.  I know!  It's probably been over 10 days since we actually had sunshine last longer than just a few moments between cloud and rain. 

Of course we had a lot of makeup baseball and softball to squeeze in so our weekend was busy.  But we managed to get some outside work done.  I weeded out the little area around my lilac tree, Jeffrey mowed the lawn and did some weed wacking, and we put the trampoline up. 

I have had zero time to get any organization done around the house.  Heck, I'm barely getting dishes and laundry done let alone anything else.  This week we have baseball and softball every day this week and weekend. I took Friday off and Monday is the holiday so hopefully, I can get some work caught up. 

It's raining and cloudy again.  No surprise huh!

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Live Simply- Live Well said...

all we have is sun down here. It is sunny and hot hot hot. over 100 today. I want to run, but have to wait until it gets dark, its just too dang hot.
we need some major rain.