Friday, May 6, 2011


It has been crazy busy this week with both kids starting ball.  Wednesday was super busy as it was the last day of CCD and I had to get gifts for the teachers, buy some groceries and get to a baseball game.  Luckily it was my half day and the organizational God's must have been smiling down on me. 

Every year the last day of CCD catches me off guard.  The past few years was due to the kids receiving First Holy Communion.  Then Easter was the end of April and Communion was pushed back to this past Sunday.  With games and practices, I had to wait to Wednesday to get gifts and since I still had a gift card to a local florist's shop, I headed there first praying that they would have inexpensive plants/flowers for the teachers.  Yee haw!  I hit the jackpot as they had beautiful begonias for $4 each.  I purchased 3 of them and then stopped at Dollar General.  I was hoping to find cute cheery spring bags.  They had 3 green bags left and really nice tissue paper.  (Pictures to follow). 

I thought the bags were so cheery and fun.  With all the rainy weather we've had, I wanted to give out some nice fun bags.  My son thought I was nuts taking pictures of the plants and bags.  But they were just so spring like and fun, I couldn't resist.  I just wish I could figure out how to work my camera better.  The pictures just aren't bright enough even with the flash on and all the lights on.  Oh well. Just cause you own an expensive dsl doesn't make you take better pictures!!

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