Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow-Oh no!

What a change of weather from Friday! Even if it was rather windy, the 63 degrees is much better than what I'm looking at now- HUGE SNOWFLAKES!  Not that I thought that spring was here, it's just amazing at how quickly the weather has changed!

This weekend I worked on some project around the house.  The first was pulling out my refrigerator and cleaning the floor and walls behind it.  No pictures here.  Seriously, it was so disgusting and gross and embarrassing.  In fact, Kool-aid must have spilled at one time and became cement because it was so difficult to move the refrigerator in the first place.  My son was horrified and disgusted of course.  My Mrs Meyers Lavender scent all purpose cleaner did a great job.  You just have to believe me!  Hehe!

I am also in the process of cleaning and reorganizing my Manual Binder.  I did take before photos, but had to put the project on hold to tend to some family issues.  I started putting one together when we purchased our first house November 1995 after finding a binder that the previous owner had put together.  I am hoping to get back to this project on Wednesday and will post pictures. 

Here's to a blustery snowy Monday.  Happy President's Day!!  Jeff and the kids are off school today and I know they are praying for a school delay for tomorrow!  I am too!!

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