Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bitter Cold....

The past two days have been so bitter cold.  School's even called school delays- which you know I LOVE!  It makes the day so much easier when the kids get a few more winks of sleep.  Plus I can get a few more things done before I head out the door.

Well, as everyone knows, the Steelers lost.  Oh well.  The good thing is that they had a chance to go.  Plus we had a great time with friends.  Of course everyone cleared out rather quickly after the game was over so I was left to clean up.  It wasn't too bad as I had been cleaning a little as the night went on.  Just had to get some last minute food put away (give away!) and washed some straggling dishes.  Headed up to bed and off to work Monday morning. 

One great outcome of the party was that my girlfriend and I committed to joining a nearby gym.  It's a little place that I had seen on my way home from work in November near my house.  The kid's old gym teacher from their Christian school owns it.  He mainly does personal training, which is good because it is very tiny.  It has a lot of good equipment, but not meant to hold a lot of people.  Paige is coming with me and my girlfriend and her daughter.  I have to start slow as my body was giving me warning pains when I tried to do too much.  Plus it is really inexpensive.  I feel a little self conscious around the trainer, but I think it will get better.  I went again last night but I am gonna skip today.  Jeff said I should start out 3 days a week and to space them out or else I won't want to go after not working out for 4 days.  Makes sense.  Right now, we are trying to work out a schedule that fits everyone and then the trainer is going to put together an exercise plan.  My goal is to do aerobics and work on my stomach and arms.  On the cruise, I was so shocked at how flabby the back of my arms are!  And I definitely realize that I need to change my diet if I have any hopes at getting a nice flat sexy stomach.  (Threw that in for you Jeffrey!!)

I also spent a few moments trying to think of the changes I want to accomplish in other areas of my life.  I had planned on using February as the month to simplify, but I have since changed it.  This month is working on increasing my heart rate with exercise and with my hubby!   I would really like to focus on getting 3 workouts in each week.  It may not sound like a lot, but if I can increase the intensity slowly each time I go, then I will be happy.  Hey it's better than my current workout plan- you know the one where I lay in bed watching my husband on the treadmill.  I had to admit that to my trainer when he asked my what my current level of exercise was.  He got a good chuckle at least!

Next month I am going to revisit my goal of simplifying.  February is a short month and I figured making it my exercise month would be better.  The clutter isn't going anywhere!!

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