Saturday, June 6, 2009

Was yesterday Monday??

Yesterday afternoon just spiralled down to a black hole of craziness at work. It ended up with me being left in the office at 12pm on by myself. In my office, my main job is to prospect new business and review our current clients to make sure they are insured properly. I go through policies and meet with the clients to make sure they aren't over insured or under insured. I really like this because I find that many people do not know much about the insurance they own. I also am the financial person of the office and help people with auto and home loans and do a little with investing although I have to get my series 6 and 63 to be licensed.

I had scheduled appointments yesterday, but since I ended up alone, I had to quickly try to reschedule. Some people couldn't be reached and it's frustrating to be going over important information and have to stop to help others. Plus, I didn't get lunch as the girl that was there left for her lunch at noon and then didn't come back. I had some snacks to tied me over, but had planned on going out for lunch as a treat. Wrong day to decide that!

By the time I got home, I had only enough time to grab a bowl of cereal. When we got to the golf course, I asked my husband to see if he could get me something quick to eat while we waited. He and my neighbor's husband went in to get beer/coolers and of course he came out with no food. Ugg! There was no time to go back to see about food as we were ready to start the scramble. Let me tell you, I drank half of a cooler and was buzzing big time!!

Golfing was fun and I didn't do bad despite not knowing which club to use or how to aim the shots. God must have felt sorry for me and the day I had because I did drive a few shots that we used and chipped a couple close to the hole. We ended up coming in 4th place and they were all happy. My husband said he wants to go every Friday. We'll see. It's just hard getting a sitter and I missed seeing the kids all day. I can't wait to go pick them up. Two minutes in the car and they'll start fighting and it'll be back to normal!

My husband had another golf outing this morning and we're going over to my friends house to hang out. Tomorrow we have a picnic fundraiser for Jeff's school and then back to the grind on Monday.

OH- I just remembered. Last night I had a dream about my blog. I went online to post Friday's wonderful events and my blog said I earned $200. I had earned it for some post I wrote previously. But of course my inability to figure out the computer prevented me from getting the funds transferred and the redemption time limit expired. It was fun while it lasted!

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dmoms said...

okay, that dream was funny