Monday, June 22, 2009

Blog Catch-Up

Sorry I haven't been around for a while. No reason, just my own laziness. The weather has been pretty bad and we've had so much rain and tornado watches the past few days that it was strange to see the sun yesterday.

I finally took Paige clothe shopping. Despite 2 tops, she picked out some really cute clothes and I didn't have to do much side stepping. She was so excited because the Aeropostale store is testing children's clothes. She can actually fit in the xs adult t- shirts, but the children items were so much cheaper. And we had her ears re pierced. She had them done when she was 5, but the one hole was done at an angle and it was so difficult to get the earring in. It closed up last year, because she never wanted to put earrings in. Her other ear also closed up the past few months as well. This is the last time I'm paying for ear piercing. I hope they were done correctly this time. All in all the day cost $454. I didn't really give her any limits since we only shop twice a year. I did get Jeffrey Michael a new swim shirt and swim trunks and me a swim cover up. If we would've had more time I may have done some shopping for me. But I'd rather go by myself.

Yesterday, we planned a very activity filled day for Jeff. The big surprise was taking him golfing at a local 3 par golf course. I figured it would let the kids have fun and still allow Jeff to get some actual golfing in. Paige had a rough time with hitting the ball and was discouraged till the end when she hit it better. I still can't hit well, but it was such a fun time. My husband wanted to walk the course, but I talked him into getting carts. THANK GOODNESS. It took the kids forever to get the ball to the green and they would've never wanted to tote around their bags. I'd like to take them there more often. Jeffrey Michael swings really well and did hit some good shots. Plus I think if Paige had more practice she would relax and do better. Plus, we think she is left-handed with golf and we're going to get a couple of Jeff's old clubs shortened for her to try.

All in all it was a very expensive weekend. But well worth it. It did end on a funny note. When my kids were learning to talk and learn about the world around them, we expected them to go through the phase of asking us a million whys. They really never did that, and I'm not complaining. I remember my nephews going through that phase and driving us all kooky with the endless questions. Well, Jeffrey Michael is going through that phase now. I swear to you when I tell you he started his day with a question and never stopped! Everything that came out of his mouth was a question. ALL DAY LONG. By 8 pm we were so ready for him to go to bed. It didn't matter what we were doing, Jeff had a question. We kept telling him he was over his question limit, but of course he had no idea what we were talking about. I even joked about giving him some Benedryl around 7 pm to get him to bed. We couldn't take the questions any more.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend!

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