Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No Jail Time Here

My husband spoke to the fire investigator yesterday. All weekend long he fretted over the fire at our rental house. He was so worried that the fire investigator was going to think he tried to set the house on fire. His fears were eased after speaking to the man and finding out the fire was just a small trashcan fire and the damage was minimal. My husband is always telling me not to get worked up over events until you know all the facts and here he was driving himself crazy thinking he was going to be in trouble for this. I hope he realizes now that some times it's not that easy to stop worrying about stuff.

Paige's team lost on Sunday. She pitched a really good game and the girls tried really hard, but as usual the coach moved our infielders around and so there were a lot of errors as the girls weren't comfortable in their positions. I did get a nice sunburn on my nose and forehead though!

Yesterday at my son's game, they announced a possible tournament for this coming weekend. Ugg. We also realized that next year my son will move up to the 8-9 year old team. There was an 8-9 yr old team playing on the next field next to us and boy did they look big! My son is very tiny for his age. So much so that we've had him to specialists to make sure there was no underlying problem. There is none, he's just growing slow. His bones are measuring that of a six year old and so he will have a growth spurt at some point in time. I don't mind it much except when it comes to sports. Baseball shouldn't be a big deal, but he has voiced his desire to play hockey. That's a physical sport. But he's out in the driveway after school in his roller blades hitting a puck around and just loving it. We have a local ice hockey rink and so Jeff is going to look into him joining.

I'm hoping to get some things done this week before my weekend. I have to get some ebay items mailed and more on to sell. Plus with school being done next week, I am trying to get all the uniforms washed, ironed, sorted for donation, and whatever is left to keep - put away. The great thing about summer is my laundry goes down tons!!

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