Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last Day of School

Yesterday, I rushed to the greenery to grab a plant for Jeff's teacher. My husband had stopped home and so he brought it to the school on his way. Whew! Of course, my daughter came home with a boatload of stuff. She dumped it in the living room and then later my son came home with all his stuff. Uggh. I understand the desire to clean out and rid your self of clutter, just don't send it my way! Paige was in no mood to clean out her school bag and so I just left it there for today. I was able to go through Jeffrey's things with no problem. They both were excited to show off their report cards.

My husband got through his day at school and didn't go golfing. He said he was too tired. He did go running. I sat in the sun and fell asleep. When I woke up, I felt yucky. I stayed home from Paige's softball game and did laundry. I washed every stitch of clothes in the house, at least I thought I did. This morning when I went up to the attic bedroom to say goodbye to my husband I saw a pile of his clothes on the floor. Grrr. I totally forgot to check up there. I should have known. I ended up finding his dress clothes EVERYWHERE. I did 3 loads of his dress clothes alone. It was only 2 load until I found a stash of clothes on the closet door in the bathroom. But all his dress clothes are drying on the lines in the basement.

All the uniforms are washed and ready to be put away. I need to go through them and determine what stays and what goes. I put away the last winter clothes. I'm praying that the cold is over finally! I need to get more totes. I used to be able fit the kids cloths together but not this year. Also, my husband has collected a lot of sweatshirts and hoodies from cross country and track this year and they need a tote of their own! I have asked him to please clean some out and give some to his students and not to bring so many home!

As much as I love the first day back to school, I equally love the last day of school. No more lunches to pack, homework to oversee, bedtimes to enforce (though my son will still crash early) and no morning wake up battles. My laundry washing decreases dramatically as well. Plus, with my husband home I am able to have him do a lot for me.

Oh and the post I was going to write about yesterday. After work Monday I went straight to the ball field for my son's game. I had propped my feet up on the open window and fell asleep waiting. My husband came over and stood by the side of the car and we talked a few minutes before he brought Jeff to the dugout. As he was leaving, he patted my leg and my capris made a funny sound. They have a two inch cuff and as I put my hand in the cuff I pulled out a coupon! No clue how a coupon found it's way into the cuff of my capris or how long it was there. It wasn't expired yet. My husband got a good laugh. Although he said it would be better served if I actually used my coupons instead of carrying them around in my cuffs! Told you I was a coupon loser!

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Anonymous said...

2 more days for me until I get the dump of stuff in my house. ugh...

i do agree. looking forward to no more homework