Monday, June 22, 2009

Doggie Bags

Oh, last night we took Jeff out to our favorite Italian restaurant. As usual, we had leftovers and as I was putting them together in the take-out containers (styrofoam) I started wishing I had brought containers from home.

But then I was thinking, would that be tacky? I am not sure my husband would be too thrilled if I whipped out a few containers from home. But it drives me nuts to be handed those styrofoam boxes.

Ideally, we wouldn't have any leftovers, but that would either mean eating everything on our plates or leaving it to be thrown away. I don't mind having leftovers and it saves me money with lunches at work.

What about you? Is it no big deal to use the styrofoam containers? Do you bring your own containers or is that bad?


dmoms said...

yeah, i have never done that. i think that would embarrass my family as well. i guess i solve that problem by either eating everything or just not going out : )

Live Simply- Live Well said...

i battle with that also. its like I don't want to use your plastic to go boxes that get thrown away, but is it tacky to bring in my own tupperwear?

Leftovers rock my world--it makes the next day's lunches so easy

RML said...

We don´t get so much food in Germany that we have leftovers... or are we just greedy?
I think (in theory) it would be Ok to say you had brought your own containers for environmental reasons!