Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bittersweet Weekend

Today is my first day back to work since last Wednesday. I did get some things accomplished- all of the wallpaper is off the walls!! Yah! Though at one point I wanted to give up and quit. It wasn't hard to remove just boring and monotonous. Jeff did all the high areas and I did the lower stuff. I had the easier task because I could sit on the floor when I got low enough.

We also got rid of 2 large wall mirrors that we had taken down a couple years ago when we remodelled. I had put them in our free bulletin flyer before but no one called for them. So I tried again and luckily someone came on Friday and they are now off my porch.

Of course there were a lot of things that I didn't get done, but mostly because I try to cram too much into a day. Yesterday I did nothing but a couple loads of clothes to keep ahead of that. We had a birthday party in the evening and then we watched wrestling till 10pm. I don't like the kids staying up that late but they had gotten into the habit of staying up late and so it was actually an early evening for them.

Last night I did get some disturbing news. Paige's friends older brother was arrested at his college for having child pornography. My husband and I are beside ourselves wondering if at any time when she was over there if he approached her. Jeff asked her some questions to feel her out and he is confident that nothing happened to her. The police said that they identified the youths involved but we aren't sure what their ages are. The boy is only 19 and it could well be that he had put pictures of his girlfriend who is only 16 on the Internet. Or my husband thought maybe he is gay and they are of boys. We aren't really sure at this time and my brother in law who is with the state police is going to contact the investigating officer to find out more information. The sad part is that they are a good family. The mother is a teacher with my husband and has been my friend for years. Her husband coaches the girls basketball team and was a counselor with high risk youths. The son was a straight A student in high school and is pre med. I hate to think the worse -that he is a sick pedophile - but Paige is not going to be allowed over until we know for sure what all the facts are. He uploaded pictures onto a site called Limewire and downloaded pictures from there as well. Because he is only 19 it may well be pictures of teenage girls and not young girls. Regardless, it's wrong and stupid on both the boy and the girls who let him photo them. But it is hard not to judge when you know your 11 year old daughter has spent a lot of time over there- swimming and spending the night. I'm hoping that even if he would have approached Paige that we've taught her well enough to know what to do. It just sickens me to think that anyone would look at my little girl in that manner. We yanked her off youtube for that very reason.

Well, because I was not told about this till late last night, I did not sleep very well at all and am very irritable and sad today.

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