Thursday, December 3, 2009


It's cold! This morning I woke up to the sound of the garbage can banging around down our street. It was really windy and Jeff forgot to put the can away so I got up and retrieved it. I'm guessing my neighbors were thanking me as well.

It's so hard to be motivated in the mornings when it's so cold and dreary outside. This is the kind of weather that makes me want to stay in bed with the dog and sleep. Is it strange to be jealous of your dog?

Tomorrow they are calling for snow. My kids are excited. They think there will be no school. Haha! Usually this time of year brings wet snow/rain and it makes for a cold day. I am looking forward to school delays though. My husband still has to get to school at the regular time and me and the kids hang out in the morning. There's no rush and we chill out.

I've been reading my blogs and so many of you do batch cooking. I think I may try it out. Hey I even got my new camera and can put up pictures. If I wasn't so embarrassed by the state of my bedroom I would post the progress of our remodelling. But anyway, I am thinking of trying to cook up some things to have on hand. My only problem is my freezer is horrible to organize. It's just a regular old top/bottom freezer fridge. It has the one shelf and door shelf and it just seems impossible to keep things neat and organized. I had put large plastic containers without their lids and stored like items in each. Unfortunately my husband did not like that idea and dumped everything out of them. I used to have a side by side frig/freezer and could organize and store so much more on all the shelves.

For those of you with a top/bottom fridge- how do organize your items? Or don't you?

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me in millions said...

I wish I could help on the fridge thing... However, I live by myself so it's pretty easy to find everything. Sorry!