Thursday, December 17, 2009

If I don't get'll be the worse Christmas EVER!

Every day Jeff and I wait to hear what the next "if I don't get this _______ for Christmas it'll be the worse Christmas EVER" every day from my son. I don't even know where he comes up with some of these items. Now, Paige is chiming in her own. Although hers goes back to last Christmas when Santa brought them a lot of clothes in addition to all the electronic items they asked for. She cried non stop as she opened each box of clothes and even when we saved the nintendo ds and games for last she was still crying. They both received all the things they asked for, it's just that we also bought them each a lot of much needed clothes.

So now Paige is very adamant about getting only a few - THREE and she means THREE - boxes of clothes. This means that I am going to have to find extra large sized clothes boxes so that I can keep her happy and fit all the clothes and new jacket that she's getting. Last night she also added that she would like boxing gloves and bag. She started going to boxing on Monday and that's all she thinks about. They work on conditioning and stretching and if they want to spar they can, but they have to be matched with someone their size and of the same sex. She won't be sparring forever as she's the littlest one there! Thank goodness for that. I don't mind her going there and exercising but even with all the head gear and gloves, I don't want her to spar. Unfortunately, she's not getting gloves and sparring bag. Hopefully her Christmas won't be ruined.

Last night I went to pick the kids up from church and while waiting in the parking lot I was able to watch Paige in her classroom. It was really fun. She is a very private little girl and it was fun to see her having fun with the other kids. I just wish that I could have heard what they were talking about. She's becoming such a beautiful young lady. I want to just freeze time.

Only a week left till Christmas. My kids are looking forward to midnight Mass. They love coming outside and seeing the luminaries all over the church grounds. Plus they are so tired they are usually asleep by the time we drive home!

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