Monday, December 21, 2009

Why do I torture myself?

This weekend we decided to begin work on our bedroom. Why? Because I don't have enough to do right before Christmas. Seriously. We had a Christmas party with our friends on Saturday in which I needed to put together some dishes to bring. Paige had a birthday party and Jeff had to go to the dentist to have an emergency extraction. Plus we had a nice blast of snow fall.

Yesterday we had our friend come over to move cable wires. Didn't end up happening. My husband's drill wasn't charged and our friend forgot the brackets. Today will be take two. The worst part of all is that I had to empty out my closet and my son's closet so they could drill the holes for the wires. I left everything out last night and this morning I went to our closets 10 times forgetting they were empty! Ah the power of habits!!

The kids and I did start making cookies. As usual, the kids fought. And thinking back to their comments, I'm not to sure I should let anyone eat the cookies. From -"don't put your finger in the batter, you pick your nose all the time" to my favorite "i think my eyelash just fell into the butter." Hmmm tasty! I knew I shouldn't have tried to bake. The kitchen was dirty from dinner and I cannot stand to do anything with a dirty kitchen. But hopefully the kids had fun. They didn't make too much of a mess and I was able to get the kitchen cleaned up as they were mixing. My sugar dough didn't harden as quickly as I had hoped and so we left it in the frig for tonight. I have to run to the store to get storage containers. My lids disappeared!

Right now I'm listening to "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year." Obviously sung by a man who had nothing to do during Christmas but show up and eat!

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