Monday, December 14, 2009

Somebody please make it stop!

The shopping that is! Last night in less than a half an hour I purchased more clothes for Paige and some wrestling items for Jeff. WE ARE SUPPOSE TO BE DONE! Take the computer away from me and hide all credit cards or paypal accounts. Though I have to say, I scored some extra savings from Toysrus by paying with Paypal and using their Bill Me Later plan. In two separate transactions I received $20 purchase using paypal and $25 off using Bill Me Later through paypal. These were unexpected but hey, if they are going to reduce my bill- why not. I used Bill Me Later two Christmases ago when I bought a ton of toys from They offered 90 days same as cash and I just saved the money I was going to spend and paid it within 60 days.

Jeff and I did a little shopping by ourselves on Saturday. That was suppose to be the end of buying for Paige and Jeff, but when I saw the deals at for Paige I couldn't help it. They had long sleeve shirts for $8!!

Almost all my items sold on ebay. I made $176. If only I could sell like that every week. It's almost what I make at work!! Haha!

Hopefully, we will get to start wrapping this week. I need to find wrapping paper for them first. Then we have to sort out and make sure there is an even amount of gifts to unwrap. They don't add up the number of gifts just the number of gifts they open up. So I can even it up by putting things together or separating things ie clothes.

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