Thursday, December 10, 2009

A little breezy outside

The storm front has been slowing moving through the area and with it high winds. Right now the sun is shining as the snow is blowing in all directions. Crazy!

Last night was my son's Holiday concert. It was really cute. He had a line to say and boy was he mad! I told him he should tell the teacher that he didn't want to do it, but he said no. His line was "I heard the bells on Christmas Day" and boy did he say it in a monotone. No expression whatsoever! He asked how he did and we told him he was terrific! Usually he refuses to say anything at programs so maybe if he thinks he did good he will try to do more. On the other hand, Paige jumps at the chance to do anything she can at her programs!

My ebay sales are doing great - I've sold $82 worth of items with some items still going. I forgot how much I love to put things on Ebay. There are a couple things of Paige's that I would really like to list- but she won't part with them even though they are just gathering dust on her desk. I even offered to give her the money. I'll try again tonight to change her mind.

Jeff and I are hopefully going to get back on our debt repayment plan. He just sold 2 of his rental properties and as long as things remain the same, he won't have to worry about rents. The past several months were really hard for him as the two properties with mortgages were empty so he was paying out 3 mortgages a month. Now that he sold them, we can work on the few bills we have. He has one charge card with about 3k on it and we still have to pay off the suv about 8k. Then all that's left are student loans and our mortgage. We can probably get them both knocked out in a year and a half. The cc can be knocked out within 6 mos but the car may take a little longer. We've followed Dave Ramsey and Crown Money Management with a few alterations and it has really helped out. Next month we are going to start again. If I can keep selling on eBay
it would help put some extra cash toward bills, but usually I don't see this kind of quick sales only at Christmas time. Still anything helps!!

Keep warm - I know I'm trying to!

Oh- found this from Money Saving Mom - a how-to to make your own bows. I think Paige and I will try this out. Paige is always upset when I don't have a bow for present. This might solve that!!

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