Friday, March 20, 2009

Ahh Friday...

The weathers turned chilly but it still can't bring me down. It's Friday and it can't come quick enough for me! The past few days have been really busy for me at work and with the weather being so nice, I have stayed away from the computer. The house is seriously suffering for this!

The kids have been playing outside everyday after school and it's so nice to see them playing. But of course as soon as Jeffrey Michael walks in the door he gravitates to the computer or his nintendo ds. Oh well.. at least he is going outside!

I do have to vent though. I recentley posted about us cleaning out the garage on Sunday. We loaded up the truck for my husband to bring to Salvation Army after school, but he has not taken it!! Drove by it several times this week!! Uggh! That drives me nuts. It's just as bad as when he borrows tool from other people. He never returns things and they end up in the garage in my way. He's response is "they'll call me when they need it." Does your significant other fall into this habit? How do you deal with it?


Simplelivin' said...

haha yup! We have had a tupperware container belonging to his mom sitting on our counter for over a month now that he just happens to forget. It's right next to his lunch bag, and he works in the same place as her! Ugg!

Rochelle said...

That was funny for me - but I know it's frustrating for you!