Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Soap Making & Video Games

Yesterday when I got home from work there was a cardboard box on the dining room table. It was like Christmas morning for me...except it was missing one of my items. Uggh. I don't get mad about these things. Mistakes happen and I am the first to admit if there is something wrong - I probably did it. I just don't like it when it happens on my first order with a company. I get nervous that they are going to think I am lying to them to get something for free. Luckily, the company I ordered from has a system in place where they weigh the order before shipping. From that information they were immediately able to determine the error was on their end and are shipping my lye. Yay! The company I ordered from is called The Soap Dish and I found them through Rachel (thanks for answering my emails!) at She has an amazingly easy to follow step by step tutorial and I am busy getting my supplies together. I can't wait.

Last night, Jeff and I were trying to determine how to handle our children's use of the computer and their video games on school nights. They can spend hours upon hours a night on the computer and games. It really drives me nuts. We are in search of a way to alleviate the arguing between them (and us) when it comes to setting limits. Angie at talked about organizing her gamer family on her post today -coincidence?- but since I have the organization in place for the toys, I need ideas on how to handle limiting their time playing.

How do you handle your kids (or husband) use of the computer and games?

ps - if you can't tell from the above post I finally figured out how to add links. I am embarrassed at how easy it was once I looked at the tool bar!! See- I told you I am still learning about blogging!

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Sharon said...

I haven't tried making soap yet.... I'll have to try this one!