Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mondays are bad enough

Wow am I glad yesterday is over. Really bad day for me at work as I spent most of the afternoon alone in the office. Most of the time it's not the end of the world but for some reason yesterday was not a great day to be here alone.

But I got through it and went home and straight to bed. Yes- can you believe it? Well, my family can since I have this habit at least once a week where I come home around 5:30pm and fall asleep until around 8 pm. I think it's due to the fact that my kids- even at age 10 and 7 still get in bed with me during the night and I don't sleep very well. Then it kind of hits me all at once, though usually it's not until Wed or Thurs. So nothing got accomplished at home yesterday and I feel as though my week is really starting bad.

Last Friday I was suppose to post an update regarding my Lent obligations but completely forgot as I was trying to figure out how to link my post to another blog. I'm not the most computer literate as I was already out of college when the Internet was beginning to rock the world. I remember those early days of dial-up and simple web sites!

Anyway, I have been really good working toward many of my goals. I did get to Ashes on Wednesday and we we at church on Sunday. I did not do well regarding disciplining Paige. She just doesn't get that she's the child and Jeff and I are the parents. Plus it seems that she only responds when I scream at her which I hate to do and want to find another way to make her understand. Although she is respectful to other adults and her teachers, she constantly wants to debate our decisions. No is never an enough of answer and it usually ends with either her father or I screaming at her. I also did a lot of baking on Sunday- made granola bars and breakfast burritos. My family really likes them and it was so easy!

I am currently on a mission of making homemade soap for my husband. Several years ago he developed a reaction to parabens found in soap and deodorant. I switched him to organic deodorant and soaps and it has really worked well for him. Except he only likes bar soaps and Walmart discontinued carrying the bar soap. Wal-mart was the only store in my area that carried organic bar soaps, so I am now ordering supplies to make my own. I am able to find/buy everything except for coconut oil. I can find it online, but it seems rather pricey.

Is anyone else making their own soaps? Do you use coconut oil or can I substitute something else?

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