Monday, March 16, 2009

What a beautiful weekend!

Oh what a great weekend. The weather here in Western PA was gorgeous. Plus my husband helped me clean out the world's largest toy box- also known as our garage. I was so excited that he agreed to help that I forgot to take pictures! In my house you don't wait too long or minds will change!

I am going to try to take an after picture because I am just so proud. Our garage was a complete disaster with piles of molding from remodelling the dining room and old toys/garden decorations that were long past there due. Jeff even loaded up the Envoy with the Salvation Army pile and our neighbor has a dumpster that I think they will let us use for the garbage. I think this month is the garage homework on Oprah's Clean Up Your Messy Home. Yay for me! I actually completed a task on schedule. That's a first! We may actually be able to fit both cars in the garage this winter if we can keep it organized. I would love that!!

I also got out and walked the dog Saturday and Sunday. Little guy needs to lose a couple of pounds- who am I kidding so do I! I just don't think there is anything better than opening up my windows and shoving ever body outside to enjoy the weather. I even got a little sunburn/windburn on my nose.

BUT- I did miss Mass again this Sunday. Not good. And then Sunday night I stayed up way to late watching a Disney movie with my son which really made this morning a rush for all of us. Bad move on my part, but we had fun snuggling and watching "Ice Princess." Tonight I do have to get some more laundry done since I spent all weekend outside. I didn't even get any baking done. Once the novelty of warm weather wears off then I can get back on track. It's just too hard to stay inside on these first few warm days.

Have you been taking advantage of the first few warm days? Isn't it exciting?

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