Monday, March 9, 2009

Soo Tired!

Why can't we turn our clocks ahead on Friday nights? We were all dragging this morning!

Friday's post never happened. It was such a crazy day at work. We kept joking about our office being in the Bermuda Triangle and at any moment a spaceship would be hovering over the roof ready to beam us up! I don't know if there was a full moon or the fact that it was over 40 degrees but the craziness never stopped. Then I went home to my personal Bermuda Triangle so I went to bed nice and early.

Saturday it rained on and off all day, but I was able to get Peanut out for a nice walk. I really hate exercising but when the weather is nice I love going for long walks and Peanut is in need of losing a few pounds from winter. Yes, I know, so do I. We even got the Christmas lights down from the gutter and I trimmed some of the tall grasses in the landscaping. I do want them taken out as they are not in the right spots so I do hope this year Jeff can dig them out.

Yesterday it rained so hard all day that I couldn't get another good walk. But I did work a lot in the office going through a lot of paperwork and files. I am looking to buy another file cabinet as mine is so old and it's not a hanging file cabinet. I saw a really cute one at Target, but wasn't sure if it was big enough and now that I have cleaned everything out it should work.

Friday is suppose to be my Lent update and I have to say that I have really been doing good. We did make it to church last Sunday, but I still have not scheduled my reading in. Have been doing really well keeping up with cleaning and cooking- but not so good at holding my temper with the kids. I just can't get rid of my impatience. I am not yelling and screaming at them, I just get frustrated and impatient as I feel they are old enough to do certain things for themselves at their age. It really seems as though they are lazy about finding their things or getting their own drinks, easy things that at 10 and 7 they are able to do.

Any way, that's why it's a process.

I did find my coconut oil at Wal-mart -thanks Rachel! Now all I need to find is a form. I have some old things out in the garage. I tried to look Saturday but couldn't find anything. I can't wait! Even my son is excited to try it.

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