Monday, July 25, 2011

Office Desk

This is a long overdue post, well, any post I write now is long overdue.  We just won the All Star Championship game last night and as you can imagine we've been busy with practices and games. 

But back to the worse room in our house.  My office.  I've probably written more posts about this room than any other room in the house.  I clean it and then destroy it almost immediately.  It's just that room in our house where we throw things to deal with later.  Except later rarely comes. 

Luckily, when we purchased our new computer weeks ago, Jeff had to remove all the clutter on the desk top to undo cords.  That allowed me to see how nice the desk is with out all the junk.

Total view of desktop

As you can tell by my monitor, I was reading Flylady emails

Closeups of desktops- little room for anything- haha see my spring cleaning check list- still not done!

Bulletin board- oh by the way the before picture was taken in March!!!

It's pretty easy to see that there was no room for anything on the desk.  You could barely move the mouse around let alone write something on a scrap of paper.

Cleaning off the top of the desk was easy since the whole right side was bare thanks to Jeff.  I just had to remove all the crap from the left.  Including the purple bin which contained all the extra Christmas photo cards from the past 4 years and junk that I would just throw in there - again to deal with later.  Sensing a theme in my life.  PROCRASTINATION.

I did not replace anything except what was truly needed. A pen holder and a pad of paper.  I wanted to take off the glass top and clean it but it weighs a ton and Jeff was no where to be found.  Next time he's around it won't take much to clear all the stuff off and take it off.  Well, I always say that but it's never as easy as I think something's going to be!

Now it's so easy to work at the computer.  And relaxing.

Bulletin board actually has more on it and after shot was taken in June

Now we can move the mouse around so much easier

Nice clean work space

Now to save up money for a new chair

The rest of the office is a wreck.  My file cabinet has stayed clean and hopefully the desk will too.  My goal this week is to gather all our junk and have a yard sale this weekend.  I don't think we have anything going on.  Famous last words!!


Meyser said...

Great jo!. I tried to do the same. I have a nice clean desk, but my floor is full! Well... babysteps, wasn't it?

Live Simply- Live Well said...

i bet that feels so good to have that cleaned off. i hate when the desk gets cluttered. its horrible

Rochelle said...


Meyser- my floor is full too...small path to the computer. You can kinda see some of the pile in the mirror in the last photo!

LSLW- It's great at the desk but then when I turn around to leave it's horrible.

office desk said...

Nicely decorated , i really appreciate it

Office Solutions Provider said...

Your desk is looking a lot better than before! :) A truly cosy space to work in. Good job!