Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Gift

Friday was my son's 10th Birthday. I didn't get to post a birthday wish as I was backing up pictures on my slow computer.  I hadn't checked my back up in a while and for some reason Carbonite wasn't automatically backing up.  Only bad thing was that it took hours to back up all the pictures that I had been downloading lately.  And I really needed to get this done since we bought a new computer!

While we were out buying my son an ipod touch for his birthday, we picked up a new computer tower and new telephones too!  Both were badly needed and greatly appreciated.  I am hoping that tonight we get the computer hooked up so I can move pictures off my camera.  It's completely full from baseball and birthday parties.  Plus I have so much to update on this blog.  I have been posting these quick updates from work just so my few readers don't think I've completely abandoned them!  I just can't add photos from anywhere but the main computer and I like to have pictures with each post to make it more interesting.

But I need to get back to work.  Happy Belated Birthday Post Jeffrey!  Can't believe you are ten.  I hope you had fun this week with all the parties and baseball games.  Mommy and Daddy (and even Paige) love you sooooo much!!

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Live Simply- Live Well said...

i used to have to blog from work too. it totally stinks--but so fun that you got a new comptuer!!!