Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What have we been up too

Baseball and softball.

Jeff bunted a lot as a lefty hitter and fast runner

I still can't tell how Paige could see with her helmet

Both my kids love playing and we really enjoy going to the games.  Not much gets done from May to July in our house, but we spend so much time with friends it's all worth it.  We don't do travel ball although Paige is thinking of joining a fast pitch league that does some local travel- nothing that would require over night stays or anything like that.  Some of our friends do have kids on travel ball and financially we could never do it. 

Things have winded down now and we will have a break until fall ball starts. My son does not want to play football which is ok by us.  And this year Paige made the 7th grade cheerleading squad so her games are during the week and shouldn't interfere with their ball games.

So even though I've been working part time for the past 2 months, most of my days and nights have been hanging out with my family.  I miss blogging and my house is suffering the most, but it was time more than well spent.

And speaking of baseball-- what the heck call was that for the Pirates?  I've seen some bad calls at my kid's games, but seriously Blue.  The Pirates have finally come around after the past 18-19yrs of losing season's and bad management.  Too lose in 19 innings on a call that was clearly wrong is just a shame.  What a way to lose.

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