Thursday, May 6, 2010


Ok, what just happened? It's already May 6th. Yikes!

Jeff had a great time in Chicago and we missed him terribly. Well, we missed the physical him, but it was so nice not having to clean up after him! Let's just say he got extra lucky when he came home Sunday night. Hehe.

Monday night when I got home from work, Paige informed me she had her first fast pitch game. We don't have uniforms, a team name, and there have only been 2 practices. That should tell you how well we did. It wasn't as bad as we thought- they lost 13-4. Paige played 2nd base and did a great job. I could tell she was a little unsure as she was a pitcher all last year. She did get a triple on her second at bat. Her face was priceless- in fact she even gave me a thumbs up!! If you remember from last year we were never allowed to acknowledge her during games.

Tuesday night Jeffrey M had a science fair. It was the first time the school sponsored this and in true New Castle form it was really poorly done. Hopefully next year they will plan better. Jeffrey did the tornado experiment with 2 soda bottles. We tried to add an army guy for effects but he kept clogging the hole. Red and green glitter replaced him and everyone loved it.

Last night was practice for both kids. I did manage to get a load of laundry done late around 11pm. If you couldn't tell, I have been so busy after work that nothing has been done. We have been cooking dinner despite not planning out our week. Sunday I took the kids to the grocery store and we stocked up on a lot of staples. I spent $93.40 at Aldis which is a lot. No meat was purchased for the week as I ran out of money and Jeff hasn't had time to get to the store.
Monday they had grilled cheese sandwiches and soup, Tuesday was pizza and macaroni and cheese, and last night was french toast. Tonight will be pasta. No clue what we're eating the rest of the week although I am hoping to go out on Sunday for Mother's Day. I'm not sure I will be in the mood for any company being my first Mother's Day since my mom's death. Will have to definitely work on being in a good mood for the kids!

Tonight (I hope) their is no activity planned. I really need to get more laundry done! Poor Paige only has a couple pairs of shorts and unless I want to wash the same clothes I need to get shopping.

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