Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We really are not poor

Why is it the one day your entire family decides to dress in their worst clothes is the one day you run into the one person you thought you would never see? This happened last night. Sunday night Paige's coach called to say she had a game Monday night (we still don't have uniforms nor schedules). Before I left for work I gathered all the gear needed and had them ready. I told my husband that Paige's softball pants were hanging in Jeff's closet if it's too cold for her softball shorts. I even called him 2 hours before the game to review the list I had left them. You see I was going to meet them at the field since I work till 5pm.

When they show up at the game- late of course because Jeff had to squeeze running on the treadmill, they looked like a band of ragamuffins. My son had on these dollar store slip-ons, Paige had her old uniform on but wore a pair of sweatpants that were 2 inches too short and my husband wasn't that bad looking as he had on jeans and an old zip up jacket.

It wasn't until around the 2nd inning that I realized the coach of the other team was an old boyfriend's best friend. I haven't seen him in 20 yrs. I hoped he wouldn't see me as I was on the other side and this was the only game against them. Except the fact that my husband was keeping stats and around the 4th he asked me to keep them while he played catch with my son.

As soon as I walked over to the dugout he spotted me and waved. No biggie. But then when the game was over and I was trying to get out of the dugout, he came over and asked which girl was mine. Yep that would be the one in the high water pants that are way too small! Then my son came over to be nosy in his lovely shoes. Maybe since he's a guy he wouldn't see the same things as a woman would. Oh well, I love my family and shouldn't care what anyone thinks of us. I know we normally don't look like this-besides, I will just blame it on my husband!!

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