Monday, April 26, 2010

What was I thinking?

I wasn't planning to write this post until I could put up pictures but I couldn't wait. Yesterday, Jeffrey Michael received his First Holy Communion and I've been running myself crazy getting all the little details done. And honestly, what was I thinking?

I asked myself this question Saturday night after spending the entire day from 6 am until 11 pm on my to-do list. One of the items on my list was to hang and steam the curtains I purchased for my living room in January. Yes. I know. The free sheers that have been hanging for the past 7 years didn't need to come down this weekend. Especially since I've had the new curtains for the past few months. Why the rush? Why this weekend with all the other things that I had going on did I feel the need to spend time on these curtains. No one would care - they're used to the old curtains. Didn't I have other more important things to do for my son- like gathering his Baptismal pins, getting his hair cut, charging the video recorder?

While the curtains do look nice (still need to get a sheer for underneath cause they're too dark pulled closed) I could have allowed myself the extra hour and half for my other tasks. I'm not alone though. My friend and I were talking Saturday night and I mentioned this to her and she said she does it all the time. In fact, she uses throwing parties as a way to help her get all those little things done around the house that otherwise she'd put off. I told her she was nuts!

Though hanging the curtains did not prevent me from completing all the other things, it certainly made me think about why I do let some tasks go by for ever. I started a to do list of all the things around my house that I've been putting off. These aren't just areas around my house that need decluttered and cleaned though some of those have made the cut. It's more of a fix it, clean it, get rid of it, kinda list.

Do you find yourself trying to finish undone unrelated tasks when getting ready for important events? While I know it's impossible to have my house completely task free (it is over 100 yrs old and always has something breaking!), I would like to get all those little things fixed (like my curtains). Those little things that always make me cringe when company comes over. Some things, like my laundry table from last month, don't bother me if guests see. No one goes into my basement that's why!

I do think God was having a good laugh at me too while hanging those curtains. You see, they have grommets. And we all know how fun they can be. One window in particular was trying to send me to the nut house as they kept sliding off the rod every time a moved. Did I get the hint?? Nope. I just kept hanging them curtains.

But all in all my son's day was really special. He looked so handsome and sat still during the whole mass. He turned and snuck a peek at us after receiving the host and wine. It was so cute.
I'll post pictures later.

In other good news, I was just at SmallNotebook and could not believe she quoted me! ME! I answered her question about lunch ideas never thinking mine was anything special. Wow. I can't believe that something so little that I do might help out someone else. That makes blogging all worth it. Now to just figure out the answers to the rest of my life!

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Simplelivin' said...

Congrats to your son! I am such a procrastinator, I need a reason to finish up last minute bits and pieces.

I LOVE Smallnotebook, I'm heading over now to check it out :-)