Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mini Monster

It's rainy and cold this morning! The sun is suppose to shine later on today- but it's not fast enough for me. It looks more like fall than spring. Eww!

Last night dinner went so easy. Jeff cooked the ground meat and it only took minutes to put everything out on the table. Loved that! We ate dinner and I had the kitchen clean by 6:15pm.

The kids kept going to the refrigerator to look at the menu and kept asking if we were really having turkey for today. So far so good. I did get the potatoes and carrots ready last night and left a note for Jeff to put Jeff M's sweet potato in earlier. Baseball practice is to start at 5:30pm and if dinner can go in the oven by 4-4:15pm, it will be done in time for them to eat before leaving. Those are the days that will really make a difference.

My husband kept informing me that he spent ZERO yesterday. He's like a little kid! He even stated that he wants Dave Ramsey to personally set up our budget. I think he's turning into a budget monster! Luckily he left for an hour last night to go to the high school to work out with some other teachers. I needed the peace! When he came home last night he was telling me how hard it was to lift the weights. He complained to his friend about how much his arms hurt to which his friend replied- dude, we're working on our chests! You're gonna be in deep trouble tomorrow when we actually work on our arms! Haha!

Dmoms emailed me her template for her cleaning schedule. Head over to her blog and see how nice her lists are. My kids looked at it and were not as impressed as me. Though that might be to the fact that they do not like to be told to clean daily. They would rather clean when they feel like it - which is never. But I just wanted to send another Thanks! to her for helping me. I can easily see in my mind how I want things to look whether it's clothes, decorating my home, etc, but never seem to be able to reproduce it in reality. Then I bog myself down with the minutae. For example, I will spend a ridiculous amount of time searching for just the right font when I working on the computer. I miss the old days of typewriters. Two choices -10 or 12 pitch. That's it. Now I get to choose all the fonts that I would see but could never use on a typewriter. Too many choices for me. Even the template for this blog. I've changed it so many times. Especially when I find a new blog with a really cool template. Anyway, the inner designer in me is trying to work it's way out. Lord help us all!

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