Monday, April 19, 2010

Rounding up all the little things

Jeffrey M is getting his First Holy Communion this Sunday. A lot of things are done, but there are a few little things to finalize. Some I'm not too sure about. Like the tie that came with his suit. He opted for a black suit- and with his complexion and dark hair makes him look like a young Michael Corleone from The Godfather movie- instead of the old traditional white suit. The tie was nothing special and he has a tie from another suit that would work. Honestly, I don't think anyone will really notice. My husband may not even want to buy a new tie- remember he hasn't spent any additional money since last week! He may find buying the tie unnecessary since we have a couple to choose from.

I am happy to say that we did stick to our dinner menu all week! By Thursday, Paige and Jeffrey M were eager to pick their dinners again. One of the best surprises was Friday night. Paige wanted roni rolls and we made them homemade. She told my husband that she loved them and wants them again this Friday. But the ultimate was her telling him they were better than the ones she used to make us buy at the local pizzeria. Yes!!

This weeks menu is the following:

Monday - Steak salads
Tuesday- Roast Chicken, potatoes, carrots, salad (I'm gonna try this in the crockpot)
Wednesday- Turkey breast, sweet potato / bake potatoe, noodles, salad - (Jeff M loved this last week
Thursday - Sauce & macaroni, salad, italian bread
Friday - Roni rolls
Saturday - Hot dogs, hamburgers, linguine salad, baked beans - we're planning to grill out!
Sunday - First Holy Communion Party- leftovers

Jeff only spent around $77 dollars this week. I can't find the receipt from Aldis, but he said it was only about $54. Giant Eagle - 8.93 for steak and 11.98 from Save-A-Lot. If we actually make it through the week again without having to stop at the store it will be awesome!

Jeff shopped really good and followed the list. He only forgot one thing. Imagine his surprise when he was at the bar with his buddies watching the Penguins playoff game last night and he got a text from me asking him to stop at the store and bring home whipped cream!! He said he nearly fell off the stool and ran out to the store right then! Unfortunately, when he texted me back some rather suggestive things we could do with the whipped cream,I had to burst his
bubble by telling him it was that time of the month and it really was for desserts!! Not the first time I've done that to him and won't be the last!!

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Amber said...

I love the whipped cream part! That's just what my husband would have thought, too.