Tuesday, April 20, 2010

After work chaos

Last night after work was completely chaotic. First my husband had to fill in at a track meet and so he was gone till around 7:30/8. Paige went with a friend after school which was nice and Jeff M had Communion practice which my mother in law was able to shuttle him to. So while I was able to sit in the church parking lot relaxing for about 30 mins till his class was over, it was a complete disaster afterward.

First Jeff M wanted to go to the library to look for books. No problem, I actually like it when he wants to read since he is really lazy about it. Of course he couldn't find anything - but I did. Then we headed home and I started getting dinner going. It was about 6:30 by then and Paige had gone out to dinner with her friends family so I couldn't pick her up like planned. As soon as I got the french fries in the oven she texts me to come get her and like NOW! Ugg! I thought my girlfriend was going to drop Paige off since they were out anyway, but Paige left her school bag at the house so they just took her there. Off we dash to get her, hoping that the house doesn't burn down. Then we get home and I finish our steak salads. Jeff just ate the steak, Paige ate nothing, and I wolfed down a quick plate.

As I am trying to get the next day's dinner ready and clean up the dishes, Jeff M wants to play a board game. At this point my mind is mush, I still had to run over the neighbors to get her steamer and throw a load of clothes in the wash. Dishes done, steamer got (but needs cleaned), nixed the laundry, I cuddled on the couch with the outside kitten and went to sleep. Now that I write this it really doesn't sound all that busy. I guess it was more my attitude than anything. It's amazing how at the time I was all frazzled and miserable. But now this morning it occurs to me that if I had approached it with a better attitude I would have a better night. Maybe I would have joined in the board game. I really missed a nice night with my family.

I've been reading books by Joyce Meyer and watching her on tv before work. I started a post about her last month (it's still in my drafts!) because I really like her. She is very different from the people that I normally watch on EWTN. But for me she works. I need that kick in the rear kind of talking. Have any of you read her books, watched her programs. or gone to one of her conferences? I'm thinking of going to the Love Life conference in September. That's if I can afford it after our cruise!

Oh, and we're having the whipped cream tonight with our sundaes!! Jeff appreciates the condolences.

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