Sunday, October 23, 2011

What's Going On?

Tons of things have been happening in the Shaftic household lately.  Jeff's been busy with Cross Country as it's season is winding down and the Varsity kids are preparing for WPIALs.  He's so busy with that and teaching school and we really haven't spent much time together these past few days.

Which also means that I've been trying to get everything done around here.  In addition to all the household chores, I have been trying to get some organizing done since the holidays are just around the corner.  I found my to do list from last year when I was on medical leave.  I may use it as a guide for this year since a lot of the items are routine cleaning jobs.

Speaking of jobs, I'm still only working 2 days a week.  But I'm ready to move on.  It's just not worth it for me.  I'm still waiting to here about a position that should be opening up in December.  The person is retiring and is suppose to put her retirement in soon.  I was told by the person in charge of the department that the position would be mine if I wanted it.  So I'm just waiting to see what happens.  Things don't always go as promised!!

Yesterday, I photographed a friend's wedding.  I didn't mind doing it, but am worried about how the photos came out.  She kept assuring me that she just wanted to have a couple nice photos and didn't expect me shoot pictures as if I was a professional.  It was ME that wanted to get her perfect pictures because it is her wedding day and you only get one shot.  It was a sunny day which was actually bad for me as some pictures were coming overexposed and try as I might, I could get the aperture to work with me.  I think that sometimes my camera needs to be turned on and off before it will let me dial up and down.  But hopefully I can us Picnik to help fix some problems.  Luckily, Jeff ran to Walgreen's and got me an extra memory card.  I took so many photos (hoping that one out of the many would come out good) and I would have run out with just my one card.  My battery did start to die at the end of the night so I was lucky with that.  I want to down load the photos today to see what I really got.  Pray that I at least got the focal point right on them!!!

Our roof is getting replaced this week or next depending on weather.  And Paige wants a sleep over birthday party Saturday.  Oh, and we haven't looked for Halloween costumes yet either. 

Like I said, it's busy at the Shaftic house!

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Live Simply- Live Well said...

I am reall proud of you for taking on the wedding challenge. I am sure you rid a fab job!