Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Laundry Area

In the midst of my closet cleaning and decluttering last week, I snuck in a quick cleaning of my laundry area.  I call it an area, because it's in my basement and well, it is an old home so I haven't really done much to try and fancy it up.

I didn't take before shots as I was so certain I had taken some already and now I can't seem to find them.  I probably thought about taking them when I was writing the post in my head (as I do all the time).  If I happen to find them I will update.  Just don't hold your breath!!

Several years ago when I was working for a large company, I scored a nice table when they decided to sell all the old items from our cafeteria before remodelling it.  I knew I wanted to put it in our basement to use when folding/sorting clothes.  Only problem is that I usually dump items on it (like yard sale/donation items) just like I do with my office.

It becomes so messy that I can't use it at all. 

So I cleared off all the junk and left just what needs to be on it.

I like to keep my cleaning rags on this table since there is no other place in the basement (or kitchen) to store them.  The little basket hold the small rags and the pile to the left of it are bigger towels used to wipe up larger messes.  I also have a few tshirts ready to be cut into cleaning rags.

The boxing gloves in the front left  hand corner sit there as well.  Paige wanted a heavy bag for Christmas, which we hung up in the basement.  Of course there was no where else to put the gloves but on this table. I still have room to set my baskets down or clothes as I fold them.

This kind of gives you some idea of my work area.  The washer and dryer sit on a large cement pedestal that was here when we bought it.  The previous owners were well ahead of their time!!  Only problem is that I have a top loading washer and have to step up on the slab to see into the drum.  But I do like it as sometimes we do get water in the basement and it protects them. 

If you look closely at the bottom left hand, you can see a small part of another cement box.  It's around 2 x 3 and I have no idea why it is there.  I joked to Jeff that they are storing bodies!!  I will have to take a different angled shot to show you how strange it is.

The leaning tower of junk beside the dryer used to be my "pantry" in my old house.  I only had a small area to put a storage tower to hold my canned goods.  It got demoted to the basement when we moved here and held all my cleaning items until I got the table.  It really needs to be cleaned out and moved out to the garage.

Our walls are poured concrete and in need of painting.  The green is not doing it for me and it does have some mildew growing in some areas.  In the foreground picture you can see my duvet cover hanging.  The one thing that I love about my basement are the 5 laundry lines that hang in the ceiling.  I can hang so much to dry.  And because our basement has duct work - the clothes dry nicely. 

So this is the place I spend so much of my time during the week.  It's not bad and I hope to make it a little more cheery.  Once the roof and siding get finished!!


Wonder Woman I'm Not said...

Our laundry room is in the unfinished portion of our basement so I hear your pain. Have you thought about screwing a J hook into one of the tresses and hanging the boxing gloves in a bag from the hook somewhere near the punching bag? This would give you your table bag while still keeping the gloves convenient for your kids. We use J hooks a lot in the garage and laundry room to store things.

Izzie said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! (It's this one:
I've inserted a translation tool now, so maybe you wanna visit my blog again :)

Rochelle said...

Izzie- Awesome! I love the pictures in your posts!

WWIN- Great idea- The ceilings are really low so it would be easy for the kids to reach them. In fact there are hooks in some of the beams from previous owners-hopefully there will be one nearby. Wish I would have thought about that before!!!

Suzie Thomas said...

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