Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Closet Progress

Although not completely done, I am happy to say that I did get a lot accomplished in my closet.  I did not get to my shelves- ran out of time and interest!  But I did go through all my clothes both hanging and in storage totes.

I was really amazed out how much I have.  Considering I do not shop for clothes for myself often, maybe a few times a year, I ended up with a couple bags for donation/consignment.  Either I keep a clothes for longer than normal, or I buy more than I think.  Probably a little of both.  Especially when some of the clothes I got rid of were purchases that shouldn't have been bought.  And some were gifts that while well meaning- just weren't my style, size, or poorly made.

All that is left in my closet are the clothes that I wore last fall/winter.  I went through my spring/summer clothes just as ruthless and stored the keepers away. 

It is really nice to see all the clothes that I know I will wear.  I need to purchase a few more tops and maybe some pants in colors other than black.  Haha.  The only color is my red jacket and purple sweater.

The floor makes me so happy.  I still have to work on the bags on the right.  Need to get a new safe deposit box and what you couldn't see from the before are the bags of photos way in the back.  I didn't even touch that side of the floor.  I knew I would waste too much time looking at pictures.  Saving that for another post!

Another thing I didn't get to is Paige's Communion dress.  It's still hanging on the door as it started to rain so hard right after I loaded the car with the bags and boxes for the Salvation Army.  At least the boxes are in my trunk ready to go.

I also went through my son's clothes and took out all the outgrown winter clothes from last year.  One tote I found was full of summer clothes that I was suppose to sell on eBay in May.  Ooops.  I thought it was full of Paige's winter clothes. Obviously, I didn't label them.  Duh!

I never stored Paige's winter clothes this year.  The sad part is that she apparently she doesn't have that much since I never noticed them this summer.  I'm afraid that when I put away her summer clothes, her closet and drawers will be bare! 

I also made a big decision to load up a large pile of boxes that were in my basement waiting for my yard sale (that never happened!).  There are several more boxes in the attic that need to go as well. I may put some stuff aside to sell on eBay since now is the best time for selling.  And I can use the cash!!

What truly amazes me is where does it all come from??  I don't shop much (can't imagine what my house would be like if I did).  And I'm always getting rid of stuff so how is it that there is always more to go?  Thinking back at what I pitched, I did notice that so much of it were gifts.  Birthday and Christmas items that none of us would use.  Like I said before, they are well meaning, but often I feel bad knowing that money was wasted on items that will not be enjoyed by us.  I try to tell everyone specific things for the kids (and that Jeff and I truly don't need gifts) but it never seems to work.  I don't want to hurt feelings, but it also makes no sense for people to keep wasting their money and time!

This year the kids just want money, gift cards, and itune cards for Christmas.  They are too picky for clothes as they like only certain clothes ie UnderArmour, Wet Seal, and Aeropostale to be specific. Clothes purchased from places that we do not shop at are not worn.  I know.  They are spoiled.  Luckily, they aren't shopaholics and are happy shopping in the fall and spring.  I couldn't afford it if they expected to shop all the time.  Haha- they probably wouldn't get to shop at their favorite stores if we did shop more often.

Since they are getting older and not as interested in toys, I think it will be easier to maintain order in their rooms.  It is sad though.  While I love the idea of less, it's also sad.  They are growing up.  Soon they will be moving out.  Ok...time to end this post before I start balling my eyes out. 

Hopefully tomorrow it will not be raining so I can unload my car and get the dress to the cleaners. It was raining all day today so I didn't stop before or after work.        Come on sun! Shine!


Michelle P said...

Wow your closet looks so much better than mine! Mine is horrible, I can never find anything.

Live Simply- Live Well said...

nice work on the closet!! I bet it feels so good to have it cleaned out and to already have those boxes in the car ready to go.
I am like you, I always want to organize and get rid of junk.
Hey--hows the work situation going by the way? You have not updated us on that in a while.

Rochelle said...

Michelle- Haha! I'm guessing you probably have more clothes than me. It does get messy on the floor and I'm betting in about 6 mos I will be cleaning it out again!

LSLW- Work is miserable!! I just started a post this morning about that and may have done after my son's dr appt.