Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More cleaning and organizing.....my nightstand drawer

My nightstand always ends up being a hotspot.  Just something about being in bed doing bills or reading magazines that causes me to dump it on my table or floor.  I did clean it up and even my kids commented how nice it looks.  But then if you opened my drawer you'd see this....................

It really does shut if you jam all the books down!

But in just about 10 minutes it transformed into this.....

And to prove that I've kept the top clean...

Not sure why blogger wouldn't let me upload before photo.  Most of the mess were books that I read or started to read and then stopped.  I also had thrown in some mementos such as photos and cards/pictures that the kids made for me.  Only problem is, I can't hide my chocolate stash!  Before I could keep some M&Ms hidden below the junk.  Now I'll have to be sneakier!  I moved the books to the office shelves and sorted through the magazines for the ones to keep and give away.

The bottom drawer holds my undies.  It definitely needs cleaned out and organized, but 1) I am too embarrassed to show my "things" and 2) I really need to replace A LOT of things and it's not in the budget right now.  I'll have to think a little more on whether I will post pics.  It is going to be done as I waste too much time looking for things in that drawer. 

Oh- some really good giveaways in blogland.  Over at Iheartorganizing, Jen is giving away 2 Dymo label makers. ***Giveaway is closed***

source iheartorganizing
                This giveaway is now closed

I've always wanted to try one as my sister in law has one and loves hers.  Again, just never budgetted for it. Hopefully, I get picked.  Younghouselove is also giving away a gift certificate for $75 for Initial Presents.  I commented on how Paige's initials are PMS.  I think I blogged about that but of course I never kept track of my blogs so finding past posts are hard.  That's another one of my simplifying tasks to conquer!

Another blog I've found is Laura at Orgjunkie.  She has put out a 52 Weeks challenge that of course I'm going to try to follow.  I'm a little behind, but I am going to just jump in and do what I can!


Live Simply- Live Well said...

seriously good work. in no time you are going to have a clutter free, organized house!

allysgrandma said...

Welcome! It works I tell ya!