Sunday, March 13, 2011

Friday the (13th) 11th

Friday turned into one of those days. Goofy things kept happening making me wonder if it was the 13th!!  The basement drain got clogged and with all the rain and snow we have been getting hit with, I awoke to a nice pool of water.  Yuck!  I don't have much in the basement as it is old and kind of dreary.  But I have 5 awesome clothes lines which make up for it being depressing.  I don't use my dryer for everything so all those clothes lines are a God send. 

Once the drain got unclogged, the water cleared out nicely.  It did get our old living room area rug wet as it was rolled up waiting to go to the cleaners.  Jeff doesn't want to take it to get cleaned as he just wants to throw it away, but I would like to put it up in the attic to help cut down on some of the noise.

I also got the rest of the curtains washed and re-hung.  Let me tell you, the office curtains were horrible.  They were stuck to the rod and came off and stayed in one piece as if they were still on the rod.  Embarrassing I know!!  Paige's curtains were not bad, but her windows were dusty.  

And speaking of dusty, underneath her bed lived the biggest dust bunny family ever.  Those suckers must have multiplied over and over!!  It was bad.  But at least now I can be a little smug knowing it's dust free.

I am putting together some items to put on ebay.  Not as much as Christmas time, but enough to get some junk out of my house.  Jeff and I are going to try to sit down tonight and put together our debt repayment plan again.  We fell of last summer as we had some problems with our rental homes being vacant(again!!)  and we used this as a time for some much needed repairs.  Now that we have some good tenants, and a nice tax return (again my apologies Damn Ramsey), we need to get rolling again.  We have small debt and it won't take long to wipe it away.  I also joined A bowl full of lemons weekly challenge to organize our finances, couldn't have come at a better time.

Jeff is at the grocery stores- my coupon binder is wonderful- and we've planned our week of dinners.  We did go out to eat with friends on Thursday night, but for the most part we have been eating at home 90% of the time.

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Live Simply- Live Well said...

That would be a horrible wake up present. But at least you got it fixed.