Thursday, June 10, 2010

One day of school left

Today was suppose to be the last day of school but unfortunately with a snow day to make up it was extended to tomorrow. My family is just counting down the hours. Luckily tomorrow's a half day!

It has been so crazy at my house. Baseball and softball games are in full swing -when it's not raining. Jeff and I had some unexpected travel last week which really threw us out of schedule. I'm trying to get caught up on my regular house work and squeeze in some extra de-cluttering

Jeff and I are suppose to rent a dumpster to get rid a lot of wood and leftover items from recent remodelling and we have to replace the roof on our porch so we'll have all that mess to pitch. I have been setting aside items for a yard sale also. But I have to wait until my mother in law leaves for Florida. One, she'll want to have it with me and it's just too stressful to do it with her and also a lot of the items I want to put in the yard sale are from her! She means well when she gets things for us and the kids, but so much of it I cannot use or do not like. I am always trying to convince her to give us gift cards but it never works!

Jeff has a golf outing all day Saturday with my boss so I'm hoping the weather will cooperate so me and the kids can go swimming all day. If I can finish getting some things done tonight and tomorrow night then I can relax for a few hours. Let's pray for sun!

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