Thursday, June 24, 2010

Temper Tantrums

Yesterday there was a huge temper tantrum in my home. Sadly, it was me having one!

My daughter had asked last week if I could take her and her friend to Chuckie E Cheese on my half day. I half heartedly agreed if the weather wasn't nice, I would. Well, the past few days called for rain all day and I re-assured her we were going. Except the forecast changed Wednesday morning as it was calling for the rain to hold off until early evening.

I got home and told my husband that I really didn't want to go (he had no intentions of joining us) and that since it was so nice maybe she would agree to going to the pool and then heading to Chuckie Hell when it rains. She was suppose to have a makeup game but I was quite certain it was going to be cancelled since it was storming west of us in Ohio. I figured we could hit the pool for a couple hours and then head over. Paige was not at all happy with this change of plans. I tried to explain to her that it was going to rain later and I rarely get to go swimming. Plus we could spend more time at Chuckie's if we wait till later when it rains. She started crying and then I had my own tantrum. Jeff told me to take her and her friend to the pool but I hated to make her so upset although I was really upset.

I took her anyway and she felt bad because she knew I really didn't want to be there. As soon as we left the storm came and her game was cancelled. I think that also made her a little guilty. We could have both gotten what we wanted if we would switched to my plan!