Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yes, I am that mother....

that let's her daughter go to school in shorts the first sunny 40+ degree day. The weather here in the Northeast has been beautiful. Last night, I was thinking about how as a child I couldn't wait for summer. I may or may not have posted before about how I absolutely hate winter. Even as a child, I would not play in the snow very often. The kids make fun of me in the winter as I will video tape and take pictures of them building snowmen from the kitchen window.

So when my daughter asks to wear shorts on days 40-50 degrees, I can't say no. I remember the longing to just wear shorts on a chilly sunny day. Her teachers and other parents may think it's wrong but I feel her need. My son on the other hand has to be coerced to wear shorts to school even when it's sweltering. Strange.

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