Tuesday, April 28, 2009

End of April- already?

Sorry it has been weeks since I've posted. My son had a strange allergic reaction Wednesday April 8th. It happened right after he had a peanut butter sandwich so I naturally assumed it was peanuts. I called the next morning and requested a RAST test. But then he kept having the same swelling issue and he didn't eat peanuts/peanut butter. The doctor thought maybe it was still in his system and coming out. To be on the safe side- because it takes a week for the results of the RAST to come in- he did have some other tests done to see if he had high levels of histamines causing subsequent problems. Those all came in normal. The RAST came in normal and so we are to see a specialist. We immediately started him on Benedryl in the evening and Zyrtec in the day. It is working but we are on edge as he just starts to swell up around his lips, hands, and sometimes feet. But what a trooper he is getting his blood drawn. Not one tear or fuss and he had to go 3 times. Even I was getting upset!! Anyone else ever deal with this? At this point they think it is just seasonal allergies which I can handle as he is always sneezing and coughing from April to November. But to see his little face and hands swell so much that he can hardly move them or talk is scary.

Easter was good- despite worrying every moment about Jeffrey. The Easter Bunny brought the kids gerbils and they were so happy! Although now I am the gerbil caregiver. But they are really cute and are becoming more tame. LOTS of candy which is always the best gift.

Work has been super busy with a life campaign coming to an end and I am one policy short of the goal. Plus they decided to roll out a new computer program for auto policies. Love the forethought on doing that during our biggest sales campaign!!

So much has gone on and really need to break things down more in future posts. I have been reading every one's blog and feel really bad that I haven't been able to keep up. Weather has been beautiful the past few days - over 80 degrees since Saturday. Love it!!

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