Monday, April 6, 2009

Cooking and Wrestling

Yesterday I spent the day cooking and baking. My dad's birthday is today, but we had him over for dinner yesterday. I made sauce -as usual. I also found an easy chocolate cake recipe in my Woman's Day magazine and tried it out. I was really surprised at how easy and good it was. Everyone liked it. Unfortunately the store was out of one of the ingredients needed for icing so I used icing I had in the pantry.

I was going to try to get my soap made yesterday, but I ran out of time. I was able to get a lot done yesterday. My list looked like the following;

  • laundry - I got around 3 loads done - including washing Paige's Easter outfit from when she was 6 mos old that got water stained from our roof leaking. Most of the stains came out but not a couple- any help?
  • porch- although I wanted to scrub the porch down, it is slated to snow today/tonight and so I just swept it off and cleared off some accumulated junk
  • bird house- Jeff finally finished making the bird house he and Jeff M started about 8 months ago. So glad to get that off my laundry table!
  • paint - I touched up some areas in the dining room and painted a small patch on the living room accent wall. I thought the color from the dining room would make a nice replacement of the current purple, but I'm not liking it against the oak color on the main walls.
  • sunning - I did spend an hour or so talking to my neighbor and sitting in the sun. I even got a little sunburn on my nose. I use a moisturizer with 28 spf but I always get a little burn to start my summer.
  • library books- I found the last two books to go back to the library that are due tomorrow.
Although it's not an extensive list, with the cooking and baking, I did a lot of dishes which took up some time. There are a few more things that I need to attend to such as making the soap -hopefully tonight- and cleaning out closets and clothes.

Last night was the 25th Anniversary Wrestling match on pay per view and my son went to our friends for a party. I know nothing about wrestling although he did get some wrestlers (no clue who the names are) and a wrestling ring for Christmas. Now he wants more guys -again clueless as to names. Maybe for his Easter basket. We are getting them hamsters for sure but I am going to put some small things in their baskets. Not sure how Chester will react to the critters, I just hope they live a while.

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RML said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you are having a good April and getting lots more done :)