Monday, February 23, 2009

Much Needed Prayer Request

This weekend was a blur of events. Mainly, we had an 11 year old shoot and kill his dad's pregnant girlfriend. This occurred just a few miles down from where I live and it is unbelievable, First the shock that this boy shot her and then went to school as if nothing. Many people are outraged at him being treated as an adult and his picture being put on the front page. My friend is the DA and unfortunately PA law states he be tried as an adult. It is unfortunate and tragic. I didn't even know that you could buy rifles for children. Sorry to start off the blog this way, but with it being on the news and our city just heartbroken about this I didn't think I could go without addressing it. Right now if everyone could pray for the Houk girls and the father Chris. We are all trying to rally together to help in anyway, but prayer is what is needed most.

I found an amazing recipe that I found from The Finer Things blog. It is for a really easy Breakfast Burrito. The main problem I find is that because I am not hungry when I first wake up I skip eating. Then by the time I drive to work (1/2 hr commute) I am starving. Our little insurance office barely has enough room for us let alone any kitchen items. We do have a small microwave , dorm fridge, and snacks. Unfortunately, many of the snack items are pre-packaged items and really not the healthiest. Because of different sales promotions we win a lot of gift cards for our local grocery store so anything we do purchase for the office is free. But eating this food is not the best. If I can make this breakfast burrito and freeze, it would be real easy to grab and go. Now to restock our work pantry with healthy foods- that don't take up too much space! If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

I didn't have a lot of time to really do the thought map on the 3 areas I want to focus on during Lent. One of the areas milling around in my old brain is how I am quick to anger when my children fight. I am a yeller. I admit it and I need to change this behavior. And I have to really pat myself on the back for only having one outburst and walking away from Paige's unreasonable crying fest. When I felt my anger rise I want to the basement to do laundry and when I could still hear her I went outside (even though it was 22 degrees) and cleaned out the truck. Normally I would go and yell at her for carrying on, and to my surprise she ended up stopping and came downstairs to have breakfast. Her mood changed and I didn't have to yell. Too bad it only took me 10yrs to figure that out. I also got a lot of things done around the house and Jeff even commented on how nice the house look. Not that I don't keep the house clean it's just that a lot of times on the weekend, I am so tired the last thing I feel like doing is any cleaning or laundry. Most gets done during the week, but the deep cleaning requires more time than I have during the week. More about that in later posts.

Again, please pray for Kendra's little girls and Chris's son. Their lives will never be the same and need all the support.

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