Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday! Tomorrow starts the Lenten Season and I thought I would share a little of my background. As you read from my profile, I have changed careers. My degree is in molecular biology. I attended the University of Pittsburgh (Go Panthers Basketball!) and worked in a recombinant genetics laboratory for the University. I married my high school sweetheart Jeff and after the birth of my second child I started working part time for an insurance company in the evenings so that my husband and I could split taking care of the kids. Jeff is a teacher so I took care of the kids all day and then when he came home I got ready for work and worked till around 10pm. Although it allowed us to keep the kids out of daycare, it was very difficult for Jeff and me. We hardly saw each other during the week. Plus I really did not like my job. It was in a call center and you were tied to the phone. It was stressful and after a while I had to get out.

I decided to go back into science and was lucky to be hired in a molecular genetics laboratory despite being away from lab work for sometime. I loved the job, but it was an hour away. Where I live there are few good jobs, especially in science and many people do commute to Pittsburgh for work. But then gas prices started to rise and the lab was moving even further away so the decision was made to leave. Too much money was spent on gas and maintenance on the car. Then there was the time with commuting.

This time I really thought about what I wanted to do and also how it would affect my family. So when a local insurance agent was looking for a full-time sales position I hesitated based on my previous position. Yet after talking to the agent and seeing the office in action, it was really easy to accept the offer. And I really love it. I am even thinking of becoming an agent myself.

So that is where I am today. Although my pay is a lot less, my expenses are too. Plus there is a lot of flexibility for me to attend school functions that I didn't have before. Now that I think about it, it was a drastic move in saving money! I was spending almost $500 a month in gas alone! Now I spend around $100 a month. Plus less miles on the car/tires, less frequent oil changes. Hmm, I probably don't make that much less than before with all the savings!

Tomorrow, I will have my list of Lenten obligations. I have been putting this off because it's hard for me to admit the changes I need to make in myself. But it needs done! Pray for me!

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